Eco Diesel Dynamics Valve Spring Upgrade Kit 7.3L Power Stroke


Valve Spring Specs
  • Installed Height: 140 lbs.@1.950 in.
  • Open: 405 lbs.@1.300 in.
  • Coil Bind: 1.215 in.
  • Rate: 408 lbs.
  • OD: Top 1.040 in./Bottom 1.290 in.
  • ID: Top .650 in./Bottom .906 in.
  • Max Lift: .650 in.
  • Set of 16
Valve Spring Retainers, 300 Series, 10 Degree Chromoly – 16 Qty
Valve Locks 10 Degree Steel Square Groove- 16 Qty

Factory valve guide seals

Able to use the factory style valve guide seals w/o any machining. Installed heights of springs eliminate the need for valve spring shims, due to the installed heights of these springs make it alot closer to the closed seat pressures that are recommended @1.880 installed height of 185-195 closed seat pressure for the 7.3L Power Stroke. These spring pressure will guarantee that any power upgrades will help to keep the valves sealed under lower and higher power levels with no issues.