Increasing Diesel Power Performance

Without Hurting the Environment

This is how we look at it: Black smoke is loss of power and contaminant and we work to correct that.

It’s not rocket science. We compare the concept of power like a hot air balloon… the hot air goes in the balloon and it goes up, add cold air and the balloon drops. Same as air going in an engine. The quicker we are able to put cold air in, in a hot air environment, less power is needed, better on the environment and the more bang for the buck building diesel power.

We see it’s real simple, it’s just an air pump, nuts and bolts, and we just make it run better. If our name is on the valve cover, we are going to make sure its’ the best it can be…

The Goal for Diesel Power

Our goal for diesel power is to get the air in and the air out more efficiently. Factory OEM parts are standard and wear out that is where we come in with better parts, custom parts and better technology.