EDD 7.3L Power Stroke Hardened Pushrods (One Piece Designed)


Pushrod specs:

.0375″ Diameter

.080 Wall Thickness

10.200 Custom Length

These are ONE Piece Style Hardened  pushrods that are .020 shorter then stock length pushrods. This will help and guarantee when machining the block or heads that the lifter preload from the factory length pushrods will be decreased and to help eliminate the issues that are know with broken rockers or hurting the lifters. Plus, with the added strength of these pushrods they will handle the extra closed seat pressure of upgraded springs. The thinner size pushrod will also help with lighter valve train weight and still be more then enough strength to not bend or fail under higher loads of boost pressure. That also  being a smaller wall thickness it helps with clearances from hitting the head gaskets or rubbing. These are not a 2- piece style pushrod. It is a ONE piece with a  thinner wall. They are a lot stronger then the 2-piece style pushrods.